Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The Tum - 8 months and some

We're excited for the little one's arrival.

Pregnancy notes:
  • My Tum has been described as "a tight little basketball". I approve of this description.
  • My husband continues to be very protective of me, and my need for rest. I adore him.
  • The near-passing-out pain I was turned out to be an advanced infection. I was given antibiotics and the pain went away. Now I have normal final month aches and pains...and they are glorious.
  • Last night I had my "Nappy Shower". As the name suggests, I requested any gifts come in the form of disposal diapers. I wasn't very interested in playing games, putting up decorations...or doing I invited dear ones to a restaurant and each guest ordered as much or as little as she pleased, ate cake, and talked baby. It was delightful.
  • I continue to be spoiled by good friends. I can't even pay for my own iced chocolates at the aforementioned evening without a wiley one getting in before me!
  • The only "game" I did request participation in was that all in attendance predict our little one's arrival date. I extend this invitation to any readers interested in winning a prize for closest guess. Add your guess as a comment on this post, and you're in to win...something fantastic. For your reference and astute approximations, my "Estimated Date of Delivery" is 8 May. I pick 30 April. It is catchy. What say you?
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