Saturday, May 16, 2009

And the winner is...

...Nattigan! Also known as Nat, or my brother-in-law.

Please, allow me to pander to your questions in a Schizophrenic soliloquy. Perhaps it will serve as catharsis for oh-so-many of you that wish to be the voice in bold.

What did he win? The little one's arrival date prediction competition.

Does that mean the little one arrived on the day he predicted? The baby's here? You didn't tell me! You treacherous wench!
No, the baby has not arrived. Hush now.

Well, the final guesses were 11 May (by Mandy), 12 May (from Jasmine and Deseret), yesterday (the 15th) by my dear dad, and today, 16 May, by Nat. And while I'm still pregnant, Nat's prediction date is the last on my list...meaning if she comes tonight, or any day hereafter, he still wins.

I'm a little disappointed in all of you that you let this happen. Nat wins things a lot. As my sister did, he recently won $1,000 in the Subway dance video competition. (You can watch his video here.) He also not so long ago won $1,000 cash off the radio. And many, many premiere screening tickets. He wins things. A lot. And he's won this now. And it's all your fault /pointing accusingly at an imaginary crowd.

What did he win, exactly?
The "fantastic prize" (that was promised)! Nat receives two tickets redeemable at Hoyts for any film for which tickets are still being sold (including those on the "no complimentaries" list). I decided these were the prize long before I knew the winner. These are the prize because a) I decided it was the sort of prize that should be expected from a blog like mine and b) I said so.

I would strongly urge you, dear Nattigan, that these be used to serve as a date with your beautiful wife (of exceptionally good breeding).

P.S. Nat has begged for a "shout out" in my posts for more than a year I'd say that's the real prize, wouldn't you Nat?

But how are you doing? Any niggles? I can't help but ask. Oh, I know you can't. Everyone asks. All the time. Do you really fear that if you stop asking it a) won't happen, b) I'll keep my baby's birth a secret? Because I think that would be tricky, on both counts.

But aren't you getting impatient? I know I am! I'm only a week over my EDD. Please remember, anything between 37 - 42 weeks is "full term", not "early" or "late". So until after NEXT Friday, I'm not even "late". I'm glad you love me though. Thanks.
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