Thursday, May 21, 2009

Baby E

Haki and I drank the aforementioned, coveted sparkling grape juice from our special glasses today.

Our little Baby E arrived at 1:21am Wednesday 20 May.

I know, I can hear you now - "But Ange, you posted about the Android Lady and Picoult's comic-book failure Wednesday and Thursday mornings!"

Yes, yes I did. I wrote those posts early this week and set their dates for the that I wouldn't go dark in the webbyworld and draw attention to myself. I also took four phone calls through active labour to avert suspicion. Then, when it was late enough, we embraced phone silence.

So, some people care to know details, some just want a sum-up, and others are thinking, "Please, please do not let this turn into a baby blog". To answer the last - I hear you. I have no intention of desisting in my venting, reviewing, geekasaur ways...but occasionally a motherly anecdote will undoubtedly be in the mix. And presently, some acknowledgement of this event is necessary. I have made it available in a number of versions to accommodate your levels of interest. I know Heather, you will read it all.

Here is the youngest photo we have of Miss E, taken on my beaming mother-in-law's cell:

(If you want to see more photos, check Facebook. If you're not able to access my photos via those means...there could be a reason for that.)

Now you can choose your style/s below...

"Give me the basics."
"Keep it light, thanks."
  • Haki just brought home biersticks for me. I love him.
  • Gas is awesome. I went without for labour...but it proved to be the best thing for the aftermath. It was tricky to take it away from me. When the ladies on hand asked how I was feeling, I told them, "Like a tellytubby". I felt this description was really accurate and poignant at the time - as my arms were laying around a movable, deflated-feeling stomach - empty of baby - tellybtubby, am I right!? Apparently not so accurate and poignant. Haki informs me I received smiles and nods for my simile...and an exchange of "looks" that said, "We have no idea what she's talking about".
  • Judge me all you want, but I am a disposable nappy sort of woman...EXCEPT while I stay in the hospital. There I am very much a cloth nappy sort of woman. We fill 'em, you wash 'em! Good deal.
  • While I was on the gas I attempted to channel strength from considering people who live with chronic pain that accomplishes nothing; people who go through terrible, terrible things, without a baby to show for it. My mind scrolled through bus crashes, burn victims, and a range of other subjects...until I settled on my chosen inspiration; Frodo Baggins. It brought great comfort to me to consider the pain Frodo endured for the one ring...being stabbed in the shoulder by a ringwraith even...creating a wound that would hurt for all time even. No baby, just pain. Frodo was gypped. Big time. I was consoled.
"I'm a little sentimental over you."
  • Haki was incredible. He still is. He carries everything. He takes turns changing Baby E. He glows while he looks at her. He wheeled me in a wheelchair from the hospital. He made dinner. He did the dishes after dinner. He brought home biersticks. Wait, I mentioned that.
  • I am officially part of the "I think my baby is the most beautiful baby in the world club". Due to the nature of superlatives, we can't all be right. You know what that means, don't you?
  • I still can't believe we finally have a child.
"I want all the gory details."

Ah...tough. I will not be going into "all the gory details" online, ever. But I will share a few things...
  • The sound of Baby E arriving, ("Bloholop"), reminded me so much of the one I heard when I stood by as witness to a calf being delivered. I liked it. Both times.
  • I can't stand up for very long before feeling like I'm going to pass out. I lost a lot of blood.
  • My hiders hurt.
  • Tricksy after-hormones or no hormones, I remember. I would still do it again...but I remember. Oooooo do I remember.
  • The placenta is fascinating.
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