Monday, May 4, 2009

Can you tell I'm on maternity leave?

Reflecting on today's highlights, it becomes very apparent I am no longer teaching full-time, nor working on The House Fixaroo.
  1. I like my new cake tins very much. My cake tins that I got in a $3.00 bag. I like that I baked a cake in them today. I like cake.
  2. Although we live in a small apartment, surrounded by tiled patio...I felt we should grow herbs. No, I felt we should grow "'erbs" - so much more fun to say. And so I purchased potting mix and made use of some pots I've owned for quite some time...empty. The parsley is already sprouting. This makes me giddy. A miscreant cat digging in my chives, however, does not. No siree.
  3. While I was hanging washing, I found myself thinking about Pug, the apprentice magician in the book I'm reading on Haki's recommendation. This fantasy is going down much better than his last suggested "must read". Also, I found my copy of the book (the first in the saga) for $2.00 during a separate Sallies visit - which sure beats waiting for the 21 holds on it at the library to pass before it's my turn. Not to mention paying 50c to place my own hold. I think having avoided this ridiculousness is making it read better.
  4. Today I looked at the pillow cases, freshly washed and dried from my $3.00 bag, and thought, "I might iron those. You know what, I will iron those". This thought was foreign to me. Perhaps I shall never have one like it again. The window in which such a desire to iron could occur is very small, and unlikely to occur again. Ever. If something needs ironed, "Why buy it?" I say.
  5. Someone displayed on my Facebook newsfeed recommended a video from Britain's Got Talent. I watched it. I liked it. I proceeded to watch approximately 15 more Britain's Got Talent videos before I felt too guilty to continue. Shaheen Jafargholi's audition is my favourite.

Also, in post script, I'm sorry Paula, Sang-Hee, Fionna, Sherry, Ana and Heather...your guess dates have also passed. Aw. Better luck..."next time"? /scratching head
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