Friday, May 29, 2009

Changing Perspectives

Oh, how conversations have changed.

At home...
Haki sincerely enquires after the shade of our child's excrement. And we cry, "Good girl!" whenever wind is passed...Baby E's, that is.

Other accomplishments of Baby E's that warrant highly enthused High-5s:
  1. Yellow, curdy poos;
  2. Hearty burps;
  3. Falling asleep in her own bed; and
  4. Catching a stream of askew urine in the nap.
And elsewhere...
I welcome strangers making comment and inquisition now. During pregnancy I did not enjoy the fuss and was about meeeeeeeeee...but now I wholeheartedly agree there's something to fuss about; she does have a lot of hair, yes, she is cute.
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