Sunday, May 10, 2009

Due Date Date

Yes, I am still with child. Ooooooor "in one piece", as many, MANY people would put it, apparently.

My (very arbitrary) due date was Friday 8 May, and Haki and I went on a Due Date Date to celebrate. We were originally meeting another couple from the antenatal class, but after they pulled out, it left just us two...which worked out for the better, because Haki was in a very entertaining mood.

The highlights of our evening together, dining at Bennu:
  • Being given a large, comfy booth to sit in, even though we were reduced to a party of two;
  • Having the chef agree to make the "Thanksgiving" gourmet pizza to their old recipe, as I so fondly remembered it (with cranberry instead of apricot);
  • Not having my waters break in public. Wait, maybe this would have been a highlight in reverse also. No, not maybe, it would be have been the highlight;
  • Discussing how our waitress would feel about cleaning up my broken waters;
  • Drinking iced chocolates immediately after discussing runny membranes, unphased.
We've since been on another date, last night. Still, no public water-breaking.

We might take another shot at it tomorrow.

Sadly however, statistically only 8-15% of women have their waters break (and not all of them dramatically....some just get a "trickle", can you believe it?) before the first stage of my future highlights lists look to remain very similar to the one above. Aw.

Now, to close with business...

There is the small matter of the prediction game. Sadly, Margaret is out of the running, as the little one failed to arrive May 5. Toni, Erika, Matthew, and Donna pegged the sixth, and dear Kylie was alone in her prediction for one day early - May 7. I'm also sorry to disappoint Jen, Kerryn, and Florence, who went with one day late. Beow beow. As for the horde of you that together predicted today as's not lookin' good. Unless something happens quickly in the next little while, it appears Alicia, Mariah, Kim, Amee, Sonya, Lorraine, husband dear, were wrong about the tenth. How the round number lured you into your wrongness!

Only five daring competitors remain in the running for the fantastic prize. Surprising, given that 70% of first babies arrive after 40 weeks. /shrug But really, who needs a prize when you get linked? I feel sorry for the people who didn't feel they knew me well enough to throw their hat in the ring. Not only do you miss out on potential prize-age...but the link-age! Who doesn't like being linked to? Honestly?
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