Sunday, May 31, 2009

Hi Ho, Hi Ho, It's Off to Church We Go

Please note: I promise there's a reason for the play-by-play
  • The early hours of the morning Baby E switches between alert and unsettled.
  • Around 7:00am Baby E falls asleep.
  • 8:20am The family gets up to go to church.
  • 8:45am En route, Haki asks, "Did we get the nappy bag?"
/Cut to the scene at home:

  • 9:01am Family walks into chapel.
  • 9:20am Baby E explains why she was alert and unsettled via three distinct explosions in her TNT-pants.
  • 9:25am I cross the aisle and approach another young mother, begging for a nappy.
  • 9:26am All pews behind us laugh. Heartily.
But we survived!

Here we are, back home, in our first family super-low, timer-taken quality.
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