Monday, May 4, 2009

My Voucher Book

I promised it would get a post of its own!

Here is my voucher book (with a new look, now that I got a new mini-clearfile to replace its rapidly deteriorating predecessor):

It lives in the middle flip-down compartment of our car.

It contains vouchers that ensure we never pay full price for DVDs or order digital prints without getting 2-for-1...and other wonderfully frugal (please note my choice of word here) things. It is awesome.

These also live in said central compartment:

This allows vouchers to be neatly cut up from receipt-backs immediately and waste discarded. Vouchers may then be filed in the wonderful mini-clearfile for future use. Rifling through a compartment of receipts stored willy nilly is unacceptable.

The last thing in the compartment:

Aw. Our membership cards for every video store in Dunedin. Bar Kaikorai, perhaps. But there are at least 10 outlets represented here. Finding a store all out of a movie we are very much looking forward to is unacceptable. Furthermore, being able to go to multiple stores to claim your "Free Birthday Rental" on your birthday is fun. It's really fun. So what if there is not enough time to watch all of the overnight DVDs you have acquired for free. They were free.

You can't be all that surprised by this behaviour. It's who I am.
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