Sunday, May 3, 2009

I'm not a fan

I do not like fan pages on Facebook.

Not one bit.

In fact, I have come to loathe them. More so lately, as the new Home-page displays friends' fan page additions as both an item under "Discover People You May Know" AND "Highlights". So in amongst alerts of new photo albums and event notifications (relevant and interesting "highlights", if you will), I also learn that Soandso is a fan of "Spooning", Robert Pattison and yes...even "Breathing".

I have a few questions:
  1. If you do not join a fan page, does it mean you're not a fan of that thing? If so, I'm in trouble (see "Breathing", above).
  2. Does creating such a fan page, and having a lot of people join it because the thing you have dedicated it towards is insanely obvious and popular, make you popular? If so, I'm a loser.
  3. Is joining a fan page a way of communicating your self-identity and helping people "get to know the real you?" If so, I'm a stranger.
  4. Were there too few avenues for spammers to shovel their products down our throats? Did we need more forums for this? If so, I'm confused.
  5. Does joining a fan page help you find like-minded people with whom you may bond and build legitimate, substantial or meaningful relationships? If so, I'm lonely.
  6. What qualification is prerequisite for one to start a fan page for such things? If you are the page administrator for "Rain", are you God? If so, I believe you are mistaken.
  7. Is there some sort of pleasure to be derived from clicking things within Facebook? Are some internet users unavoidably compelled to answer questions posed to them by their inanimate screen? Is the "Become a Fan" link too tantalising to ignore? If so, I am a grand master of self-control.
  8. Is it wrong to judge people who join fan pages with titles that are poorly-spelled or framed? If so, I have sinned.
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