Sunday, May 24, 2009

Knowing Me, Knowing You


Last week Haki and I went grocery shopping together. This is a rare occurrence...because I like to take my time shopping (Haki asks, "Are we done", aisle two), and because Haki is like a mischievous child when it comes to sneaking things onto the conveyor belt. Also, he has proven fond of pulling out his best puppy dog impersonation in the baked goods section.

On this particular errand, we were of like mind in our treat purchases - that is, we didn't really hold back. Included in our luxury items, was a Bounty bar. This was gladly received from the check-out chickadee before it found its way into a bag. I was tearing through its wrapper as we wheeled our goods out to the car. Bounty is always a good choice for instant gratifaction for us, because its already in two pieces, diffusing the potentially harrowing matter of treat distribution.

In my eager haste, one of the halves leapt to the carpark ground. I began giggling uncontrollably, while Haki continued to load groceries into the boot. When I saw he was about to step back onto the flighty morsel, I made effort to break from my reverie to draw his attention to the subject of my laughing fit. I find it interesting to note, on reflection, that my breaking into this laughter had not registered with him or solicited a response. Anyway, Haki saw my error, laying there, and I continued laughing as he said, "Well, quick! Pick it up!" (because it will be less dirty if you pick it up fast, right?) But then I just laughed harder as I explained, "I can't! I really can't!" I thought it was already clear I was attempting to pick it up - but apparently my full-term pregnant bod, leaning and craning in attempted retrieval was not apparent. I managed to work my way to the ground (while laughing - some feat I tell you!). Haki returned the shopping trolley to its bay, and I greeted his return with his half of the bar - still in the packet.

It was at this point, that Haki demonstrated how very well he knows me, in saying, "You swapped them, didn't you?"

The rise in my laughter betrayed me. I had, I had, it was true...the trolley return was an obvious opportunity to me.

It was at this point, that Haki demonstrated how very well I know him, in snatching the remaining bite of my Bounty half from my hand before I could get it into my mouth. I accepted this as tax for my crime. Haki then proceeded to eat his half.


Tonight, while Baby E slept on my lap, Haki and I nestled in with novels, side by side. Haki poured half a bag of Maltesers into a well created in the blankets between us, and attempted to issue some sort of rule about their consumption (I tried not to listen). As we read, we would intermittently help ourselves from the little pile of chocolate goodness.

I observed Haki's rate or retrieval was slighty faster than mine. I was not impressed.

As the well began to draw dry, I decided I needed to remedy this wrong-doing. I surreptitously dragged a handful of Maltesers from their resting place..."nothing to see here" style. I held them in my hand as I returned it to the novel, and felt a small smirk creeping out in spite of my best efforts to read on.

"You took two!" Haki cried.

The smirk then took over my face as I tenderly dropped two Maltesers into his awaiting, disapproving school-teacher hand. Inside I was singing, "Two! Pah! More like seven!"

Again, I was betrayed by my inability to disguise my delight.

"How many have you got in there?" Haki probed.

The gig was up. We divided my spoils, and resumed reading for a short time, and then I noted, "You still got way more than me due to your rate of consumption".

"Yup." Haki confirmed.

Both returning to our reading, we displayed our acceptance that that's just the way things are between us; Ange is greedy. Ange is thwarted. Haki is victorious.
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