Monday, May 11, 2009

Mr Hire-me

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My questions are these:
  1. Under "Criminal History" on his application, did the accused write, "Yes, shortly", "I'm working on it" or "We'll see"?
  2. Is it really that much of a breach of confidentiality for the store to scan in the man's application and post it online so we can all have a good gander?
  3. Who irons brand new jeans? Who irons jeans? Who irons?
  4. When the alarms went off, Mr Hire-me obviously was not he made it home. Did he forget that he'd filled out the job application (address inclusive)...or was this all a desperate set-up to ensure a) he got a call back b) he received guests or c) the world would know he was a brand new jeans-ironer?
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