Sunday, May 3, 2009

Sabbath Amusements II

Three of today's highlights transpired in Primary...
  • Our lovely Primary music leader, Paula, likes the children to warm up their voices before Singing Time. One of the ways we often do this is by singing the musical scales as different animals, for example, as a lamb, "Ba ba ba ba ba ba ba" or cat, "Meow meow meow meow meow meow meow". Today a junior primary member requested we do the next scale as armadillos. Poor Paula...who was thinking not only, "Pray tell, what sound does an armadillo make?" but also, "What is an armadillo!?" (the second thought she shared out loud). I am happy to supply the answers to both of these, so that we may adequately prepare for the animal scales next Sunday. See and listen to an armadillo here.
  • During the junior sharing time, the sister teaching explained we would be pretending together today. To ensure the children didn't think we were all going to really queue up and be baptised by immersion as part of the lesson, she continued by seeking a definition of what it is to "pretend". The same child that suggested the Saviour and a walrus bear striking similarities put up his hand. I was excited. "I pretend I'm Spiderman. I want a costume for Christmas." It is May. Also, Primary is apparently where you lodge such requests.
  • With chairs stacked and visual aids away, there was time for the Primary secretary to share a precious experience with me. Reportedly, earlier that morning, one of the primary boys had commented about my choice of shirt today, saying, "It's a nice top she's wearing...but it makes her look pregnant". I have not yet decided if I am more struck by the lad's having missed this development entirely...or his sensitivity in wanting to cushion his remark about my unfortunate body shape with a compliment preceding it.
And the final highlight, comes from the priesthood meeting, which Haki was kind enough to share with me.
  • The men were generating words and phrases to describe what some "lost sheep", or people that they home teach, may at times be feeling; answers such as "unloved" and "a lack of unity" were shared. Then one of the Elders proferred the answer "embittered". I thought Haki's tale ended here...that he was sharing this story purely out of respect for the vocabulary that featured in today's lesson. But no, it was the reaction to this description that formed the anecdote's one of the brethren, hearing "embittered", audibly murmered, "Mmmm....battered sausages". Fascinating.
In summary...
In addition to the wonderful testimonies borne, I came away with...

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