Monday, May 18, 2009

There's some dirt on my clothes, dear Liza, dear Liza

Haki often comes home from work very dirty. Not in a morally unclean way, but in a covered-in-dirt sort of way.

For those unaware...Haki works as a carer at a vocational day-base for adults with intellectual disabilities. He helps to run programmes for clients that provide opportunity for them to "go to work" each day, instead of sitting in a home 24-7. He is really amazing at his job. Haki's day-base activities often include carpentry. Thus the dirty factors.

Recently Haki came to the very sensible conclusion that wearing overalls would be a great idea. I, Chief Wash-woman, heartily agreed.

I, Chief of Household Frugality, suggested we look for a pair in op-shops.

Thus my purpose today. (See how "we" became just "me"? Sneaky, I know.)

It is not my fault that I stumbled upon a $5.00 bag sale at the fourth store I visited. I believe I had earned the right to fill such a bag, having scoured three previous establishments on the present mission, with no success (apparently overalls are in high demand)...being heavy with child.

The takings:

(Cool people enlarge the image for a closer look.)

Hiding behind one top and the "Light Jacket" you'll spy a yellow changing mat. Oh, I know Plunket will give me one...but that's Week 6! And sliding this little find into the $5.00 bag didn't add any now I'm set from Day 1! Plus, having two mats is to live at home, one to live in the nappy bag.

Plus, I found a Marian Keyes book for $1.50 at the bag-sale store. I don't read Marian Keyes. But lots of other people do. So I bought it, with the intention of selling it to a second-hand bookstore directly so that I might recoup the costs incurred for also being Chief of the Failed Resistance to Op-shop Bag Sales - in fact, it might be as if I'd never spent a thing...perhaps I'd even profit. I rubbed my hands together in my mind as I made my way to the car. I might have done it for real if I wasn't carrying my $5.00 bag, my handbag, and a fetus.

And sure enough, the eccentric bookstore owner-man, in addition to being very fascinated by my pregnancy and all things related to it, was happy to purchase Keyes' best-seller. Unfortunately, I left with Ursula LeGuin's Malafrena, rendering my efforts to break even nought.

On the plus side, I found a pair of overalls at the fifth op-shop I visited.
On the down side, I am unsure if they will fit my husband. But the "Shiny Ties" from my $5.00 bag will fit, to be sure, to be sure.
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