Sunday, May 10, 2009

"Uh, no."

I am astounded by the number of people that ask me, “Are you in labour?”. I can’t make a phone call these days without first having the person I’m speaking with establish if I am currently preparing to push a baby out. This amuses me greatly. Also, if I do not reply to a text message within 5 minutes, conclusions are jumped to, and promptly. Apparently I can no longer participate in any activity which may require my phone being away from me, unsafe to use, or turned to silent…else mild hysteria relating to my impending delivery will be spread. There goes movies, church and other meetings, driving, showering, hanging out washing, napping…how does one keep one’s self occupied while waiting? Perhaps I should station myself at the computer and regularly update my Facebook status to “Still not in labour” and “Nope, still preggers”, with the cellphone also immediately beside for fast response times.

Of the two entertaining current responses, the hope I am calling mid-labour is the one I wish to discuss. You see, I don’t think I’ll do that. Provided my dear husband is here, I think I’d rather keep labour as a relatively private matter. To me, I feel the relationship between labour and birth is much like the connection between conception and pregnancy – you announce the latter proudly. Just as I did not call anyone and say, “I’m conceiving right now!”, I’m of the opinion that labour is a process you complete to get to the announcing stage…it’s not the part you broadcast.

So if you are one that has made or is likely to make such an enquiry, by all means, don’t let this post stop you! I know your interest is a reflection of your love and excitement for me. But know that if I’m calling you, and you’re not invited to come and watch (i.e. anyone other than Haki), I’m probably not pushing a baby out.
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