Saturday, June 20, 2009

The Evolved Family Hits the Big Smoke

Tonight we ventured out of our Mosgiel love nest, into the "big city" (/cough...Dunedin). Mission: to go on a "dinner and a movie" date with babe in tow.

I donned the Moby with optimism, and we exchanged our Fly Buys movie vouchers for tickets to a quiet-ish afternoon session of Terminator: Salvation - officially committing us to our plan.

We then set out for sushi for moi (a welcome-to-not-being-pregnant-anymore-food), and Indian for the husband.

En route I recounted how Baby E found her thumb today for approximately 6 minutes. To date, the little one has succeeded in sucking her hand for only brief periods, often furrowing her brow when it evades her searching mouth, as though stolen away by some unseen force, when in fact it is her lack of coordination that causes it to fling away so. Back to the thumb...I reported how I had contemplated removing the thumb, for fear of a habit forming. I noted some parents offer pacifiers as an alternative, as it's easier to take away a pacifier. Haki concurred with, "Yeah, a thumb is always on-hand".

I frankly commended his pun with, "Well done, honey".

Haki turned as we walked, "You didn't give me enough credit for that joke at all. At all. That was a really good joke. Give me more credit."

I laughed, "I'll post in on the blog, happy?"

Haki resumed looking ahead with, "Yes, yes, I approve".

We then fine-dined in the food court. Baby E slept.

We visited the library. Haki got out a book with 5334 chess problems, combinations and games. Baby E slept.

We returned to the car to drop off the book with 5334 chess problems, combinations and games - due to it being very hefty. From inside our vehicle, I birthed Baby E from the front of the Moby in an attempt to rouse her for a pre-movie feed. Baby E slept. I poked her cheeks. She slept on. I returned her to the cocoon, admitting defeat.

We then hit the sup. for movie treats. Baby E slept.

We went to the cinema with our stash. I was wearing the babe. They didn't question the number of tickets we proffered on entry.

We made our way to our middle-middle seats. I set up camp. I placed my drink and Haki's on our handrest-tables, laid out our Bounty bars, and a few mini Kit Kats (some of our trademark treats). Haki screwed up his face in response. He explained his expression; "Put them all out".

I persuaded him to restrain himself from consuming more than the rationed amount with the assurance, "They taste better on Sunday". (It's true, all treats do. I think it has something to do with the fact that treats in our home rarely survive overnight, and therefore there are rarely treats on the they cannot be purchased then.)

The trailers played. The opening titles danced through Baby E sleeping. A written exposition scrolled up the screen.

Baby E slept through the first onslaught of explosions, gunfire and combat. Then she woke.

Baby E nursed.

Baby E resumed her former mode.

The movie reached its end. The tubby lady on the other side of Haki craned over as Haki stood to say, "Good baby!" to me. I like the tubby lady.

We hiked up the theatre, self-praising; "Well, we did it!"

Dunedin celebrated the success of our family outing with a flower lantern parade and fireworks in the Octagon. Shux, Dunedin. Baby E missed the fireworks...due to the sleeping.

We returned home. Haki changed the babe while I changed for bed - not into my clothes for church tomorrow, I might add.

Baby E nursed.

Haki settled in for the rugby game while burping the babe. He then laid the little one down into a duvet nest set up on his lap, still cradling her in his hands. He urgently sought my attention, "Honey - she's farting. For ages. She's still going. She's still going! I think her bum is breathing".

And so we are all evolving; Baby's getting her gas out, Haki's embracing his role as subject matter on this 'ere blog, and I'm wearing pyjamas again. For realsies.
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