Friday, June 26, 2009

It's been a bad hair...month...okay, few months

Since we married, I have been Haki's hairdresser and that arrangement has worked for us nicely. Well, except when he requested a rat's tail. That wasn't nice.

Like the carpet, (unseen to for...precisely 5 weeks), Haki's mop has been neglected...far too long.

There are two major reasons we are procrastinating this job...
  1. Haki's hair has a way of getting everywhere. For weeks. It's like pine-tree needles - it sticks in, and you can't wash or vacuum it can only pick it out. It gets all over Haki's clothes; it gets all over my clothes; and it finds its way into every little nook within a kilometre radius.
  2. The time of day when we are together (and therefore, hypothetically, could be cutting), is also known as "the crazy time". "The crazy time" is when Baby E loves to be held because the house is all a-flutter with activity and smells. She does not settle down easily during that time.
I think I have found the solution.

Please note:
  • The transparent "window" in the suspended tarpaulin so that Haki may view the babe.
  • I am doing the splits.
  • How much Haki's hair has changed since his last cartoon. Now it is borderline mongrel mob. I also added the five'o'clock shadow to represent our new-parenthood.
  • I have a headset.
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