Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Mo-done with Moby

Buying a Moby Wrap has changed my life.

What, it's just a long piece of fabric?
I could have bought fabric myself and sewn the edges, you say?

I could have, I could have indeed.

But I think the Moby-makers count on my willingness to pay, not make, right now.
Why can they count on that?
Well, because I would have needed a Moby Wrap to free up my hands for a sewing project.*

Today I have gotten so much done with Baby E nestled up on my chest, asleep.
It is awesome.

*That's right, we have been fairly unsuccessful in getting Baby E to sleep anywhere but on us for longer than 20 minutes. Perhaps we are spoiling her...or PERHAPS...she is a snuggler, and we can't change that. She's still only 2.5 weeks old...we're not ready to let her "cry it out" just yet!
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