Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Mums make jokes too

You may recall Haki made an "AMAZING" joke recently (insert giant, air quotation marks here for "amazing". I do not use these lightly, I might add...they're nasty gestures, nasty!).

You know the joke...

I think part of why this joke was received with so little fuss on my part was due to the Dads'-jokeness of it. Dads' jokes warrant sympathy smiles, and little laugh-grunts (which are really like short sighs).

Late the other night, changing Baby E's TNT pants, I came to the bitter realisation that there is such a thing as a "mum's joke"...only mums' jokes are worse...because they are made in the presence of infants...and...the infants aren't laughing. The mum was. A lot. My joke was funny. Before I removed the semi-filled nappy from the babe, I held it up like a shield, waiting to see if there were any last minute additions for the oldy before replacing it with a fresh one. I chided Baby E, "Pee now, or forever hold your pees"...and then I laughed. Oh, how I laughed.

Mums' jokes - they're like dads', only the audience's reciprocal smiles and grunts are due to gas.
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