Saturday, June 27, 2009

An Ode to Rubbish Day

Oh, how I love you.

Let me count the ways.
  1. Oh, Rubbish Day. I love the sound of your truck brakes outside when I know all my waste is curbside. When it's not...well, not so much the loving.
  2. I love seeing my recycling, neatly rinsed, squashed, and loaded.
  3. I love scanning the street and seeing my rubbish is out first. I win. Well, except for that one man down the street, but he doesn't count, because he puts it out the night before, and that's cheating. Cats get it...or I would. I've decided I can put out my recycling the afternoon before, and then I definitely win...cats don't want the plastics, no siree.
  4. I love to consider, every week, what might happen if one week I put the trash out on the wrong day...on purpose /gasp...and carried out surveillance to spy how many neighbours were lured into a good ol' case of the day-confusees.
  5. I love knowing everything out on the street, in front of my place, is no longer in my house.
  6. I love that wondrous feeling of knowing all of the bins in the house will be empty for about 6 minutes.
  7. I love thinking about how every home I can see in each direction has something in common for a day; that even if my street had us, a drug lord, a flat-full of students, a family with toddlers, a bachelor who collects gumballs and the cheatsie night-before old man...we still all observe rubbish day. See the way I said "observe" there? It's because it's like a holy-day.
  8. I love lining up my rubbish. Tied-together boxes go by the pole, recycling bin next, paper and card-filled bag on top of that, and black bag far right. "Right" if you're standing on the footpath, silly! (Who would stand on the road to line up rubbish? That's a bit excessive, isn't it? Not to mention risking ruining rubbish day.)
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