Saturday, June 27, 2009

We came, we cut, we conquered

Today we cut Haki's hair - it being Saturday, and Baby E being lovely and settled in the morn.

Hair went everywhere, as usual.

Upon finishing, Haki began running tracks through his hair to assess the job I'd done. He then noted, "I said leave this bit long. It's short. You did it wrong."

I pursed my lips as I defended myself, "Sorry. You had such a long list of specifications - short here, faded here, long here, medium to long here, very long here, and like a mohawk here. I did my best."

"Well, it's not what I asked for."

I began picking hair up off the floor and placing it on top of Haki's head. Unimpressed by my demonstration, or perhaps missing the blatant comedy of such an act, I added, "What can we do about it now?"

His retort: "You can never cut my hair again."

After a shower, Haki seemed to have calmed down somewhat. I apologised again.

He extended his benevolence with, "It's okay. Hair grows back." (Pause.) "Trust doesn't."

Baby E slept through the entire fiasco...and so didn't get hair on her too. This was the real victory. First haircut since her birth, check. Unhappy customer, check. Likelihood we will fork out for a professional to do the job in the future...unlikely. Besides, I think Haki looks spiffy...sans the rat's tail. Gag. (Who brought these back in? And is it some sick joke? I blame Anakin.)

(Or perhaps, more realistically, Sonny Bill Williams. Dirty, dirty Sonny.)
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