Saturday, July 18, 2009

Eight Realisations at 8:00

  1. Haki does not measure my love for him by the way I fold his clothing.
  2. If I were being chased by gigantic evil robots in disguise, I would not run whilst holding hands with my high school heart-throb - that's plain impractical.
  3. No one noticed that I disinfected all the handles in the house.
  4. Milk-dunked Oreos leave a distinctive black, powdery residue as a lip-liner after their consumption, a.k.a. "Betrayal".
  5. A wet wipe works wonders helping one hide a habit from a dieting husband.
  6. Taking high angle shots of your baby to avoid capturing her double chin is a tad lame.
  7. I am lame.
  8. Even though I find Baby E's cuteness near-demands I squeeze her very very tight, I can't, and won't. Okay, maybe just a little bit.

No double chin here.
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