Monday, July 6, 2009

FHE with Baby E

"Time for Family Home Evening?" I asked.

"Give me a minute to let my food settle," replied my dear husband, who sat crossways on a chair watching Friends.

"Okay." I went about making his lunch for the morrow and cleaning up remains of the team-made dinner.

Meanwhile, Baby E sat propped up on the viewer's lap, being burped, wide-eyed.

Baby E started fussing, and so I took her to pace the room. As she settled, I checked some balances online, one-handed.

The show finished, and Haki moved to the couch to signal he was ready to begin.

I made my way over with the babe, who resumed crying. Haki invited me to select an opening song over the wailing.

"I think we should introduce her to 'Popcorn Popping'. I'm turning her around to face you," I said, implying I expected actions from the man.

I began singing, and Haki joined in.

Baby E stopped crying. Encouraged, Haki added melodramatic gestures. Thrilled with his support, and unable to help myself, I turned Baby E into a puppet, mirroring the same. Haki laughed through the words.

I felt pure joy.

Haki asked me to say the opening prayer...and the crying was back.

It decided to stay.

And so Haki took a turn pacing, with Baby E in what he calls "The Daddy-hold" (also known as the "Colic hold").

I retrieved a two-pack of Oreos from the treats cupboard and milk from the fridge. Haki's eyes lit up. I had never bought Oreos in a two-pack before! "Now on to a fundamental part of Family Home Evening; the treat".

Haki jested, "A pack each, is it?"

"Sure." I agreed.

This demonstrates, once again, how Haki can pitch an idea he is almost certain I won't go for...and I surprise him. My power to do so brings me great happiness.

I ate half of my pack of Oreos. Haki continued to appease the child.
I deliberated over hiding his pack from him. I decided against it.

Meanwhile, Baby E was still crying. I took my turn. I changed her TNT pants. Baby E was visibly tired, but attempted to "play" in between bursts of tears as she lay on the changing mat.

Baby E continued to cry as Haki asked me to pitch my "Activity Options". It was my moment. I outlined my carefully diaried list of potential activities; introducing ourselves to our new neighbours OR making a car out of a box OR watching a movie (a lazy, yet reliable fail-safe for a weary husband).

Baby E cried.

Haki did not choose from my list.

Baby E cried harder. She felt my pain.

Haki reclaimed her. She smiled at him. Then cried. Smiled. Cried. I dimmed the lights. And then, as so often occurs, Baby E quit fighting the fatigue...and fell asleep.

As did the husband.

It must be an object lesson.

I guess we're having closing prayer later?

NB: Yes, we do have a boarder now...but the Scottatron was away on business, and so missed out on our model evening.
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