Tuesday, July 14, 2009

First movie without Baby E post-birth

Tonight Haki and I went on our first date alone since Baby E's birth.

While the babe was tucked away with her "gamma" (her requested title), we went to The Proposal (review to follow in next bulk hit).

  • Haki made two failed attempts to floor our popcorn before he finally succeeded - first on the way in, then removing his jacket inside. According to Haki, the floor "liked the popcorn", thus why it finally spilled everywhere when he got up to leave. He dashed away, I might add. Guilty, guilty, guilty (said like Kevin Spacey...name that movie!).
  • Early in the movie, some text appeared on screen. Haki immediately read it aloud, (in his voice that carries oh-so-well), as he is known to do. He then leaned over to me and whispered, "I just said that out loud like we were at home".
  • Realising Haki had been heard by at least our row and the one in front of us.
  • Realising also...it hadn't occurred to me that his in-movie narration was unusual until he pointed it out.
  • Discovering Haki being seized upon by a "vocal bug" was catching, as the Greyish-blonde-perm lady to my left started speaking her predictions for the narrative out loud. It was as though hearing my mister, she thought, "So that's how these young folks roll. I want in." (I still can't say it, can I? Not even like that. Aw.)
  • Missing at least one trailer due to the long lines we met upon arrival.
  • Not having time to get Maltesers. Well, from somewhere I was prepared to pay their ticket price.
  • Learning Greyish-blonde-perm Lady needed a name change...to Pottymouth Lady, as she shouted expletives - in place of laughing, like a normal human.
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