Thursday, July 30, 2009

I know you're out there

What's this? It's been more than two whole days since I gave y'all an opportunity to share all your brilliant ideas; to comment; to be a part of it...(this is to be sung).

Now I know exactly how many of you there are.

Which means I know how many of you are sitting silent.

If you don't have a clever T-shirt idea, I understand. But I'm so sad. It's your big chance to force me to wear something of yooooour choosing.

I've decided either you are...
a) shy (or feeling you have nothing "good" to say); OR
b) very, very kind, and would never consider doing something that would cause me embarassment. Therefore the tumbleweed blowing through these parts is, in fact, a compliment. Shux.

Let's get you (a)-folk started!

Possible prints for my new T-shirt:

"CNP Anonymous"
"It was me. I ate the lemon meringue. Twice".
"I [heart] Rubbish Day"
"I'm pretty much the fastest typist I've ever seen."
"If you're a mascot, shove off." OR
"My face is up here...quit staring at my super-hot feet."

P.S. I cannot tell you how complimented I am each time I learn of a reader. Sure, I can see my subscription number, and check my views (which is a lot higher than the former, due to the lack of Reader users in NZ), but there's nothing like learning someone from high school, an old job, or childhood, is regularly checking in. The latest surprise readers include you, Tessy, Shelley, Gina, Stephanie, Bea, Kate, and Belinda! As for you great humans that comment to boot...thank you. You bring me joy.
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