Monday, July 20, 2009

The Last Straw

  • I woke. I was hungry. I went to eat some porridge. There were no clean bowls. Oh. I took a snack bar before I left for town.
  • I parked in a parking building. I got out the buggy. I got out the baby in the car seat. I clicked the car seat on the buggy. I got the nappy bag. I got my satchel. I looked both ways, and wheeled to the...stairs. Only every other floor in that particular parking building has access to the elevator. Oh.
  • I visited a photo kiosk. I laboured over my photo choices on my memory card. I made my selections. I cropped some photos. I made some into photo-sheets. I enlarged others. I selected "Finish and Print". The kiosk froze. Hello lady. "It needs re-set." Oh.
  • I wheeled to the cinema. I asked for tickets to Thursday's screening of Harry Potter. (Of course I buy my tickets in advance. Especially if a double date is planned and the movie's still selling out. I want to arrive 10 minutes before the trailers start, skip lining up, and still get to sit with my friends in the middle of the theatre.) So, back to the teller. Tickets for Thursday. Gimme. "They're not on sale until tomorrow". Oh.
  • I went to the most expensive place to buy a decent maternity bra. I was sized by two women who pretty much said, "We're sorry, we don't have cups in astronomical".
  • I went to the Public Library to nurse Baby E. It's a quiet place. There are nooks. It's listed as "breast-feeding friendly" in the hospital's lactation pamphlet. Every nook was occupied. I nursed by the stairs.
  • I realised I had forgotten to transfer my Google Analytics code over to my new template. The past three days I haven't gathered any stats. (You will only understand how annoying this is if you use Analytics too).
  • I went to the supermarket to purchase goods to bear for my visit to a friend from our antenatal class. I chose pretzels and "Apple Ale".

  • I later wrote this email:

Dearest Brewers,

I love your drinks, very much. Our family buys them all regularly.

I only just noticed "Apple Ale" on store shelves here in Dunedin however, and so eagerly purchased a 4-pack. Oh, the anticipation!

Sadly today, while carting said pack to the car, the cardboard tore from the central finger-hole to its edge…and the 4-pack was no more. Broken glass, and broken dreams. Okay, maybe not dreams…but I was disappointed.

Next time I will remember it is better described as card-flimsy, and will carefully cradle the ale in my arms.

I just thought I’d mention it…because I wasn’t exactly swinging the pack above my head when the cardboard tore…and if you are reviewing the packaging at any time, perhaps you’ll consider strengthening it, so others – unaware of this risk – will not share my disappointment.

Thanks for making great non-alcoholic drinks! We love them!


  • I sent it.
  • Time passed.
  • I realised a much more concise message was this message's equal, if not superior;


I kinda had a bad day.

Pay me damages.

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