Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Linguistic Bone-picking on Tuesday

Four questions:
  1. Did I miss our first date? Because you're calling me "Dear Angela", and I'm just sure that's not appropriate. Yes, you, Inland Revenue, and you, automatic mail-bots, I'm talking to you. "I am not dear to you!" I say! Not dear at all! Habit and convention are not cause enough; drop the opening folks. Unless you truly care, I don't want to see it there!
  2. Don't you know it's Spanish? Two Ls make a Y-sound. If you don't get it, don't make tortillas. Or at the very least, please don't talk about them.
  3. How did you get your job? I just don't think I'll list my house with you...since you've noted another property you're agent for is in a "sort after location".
  4. Are you sure tertiary education is right for you? Because when you list a "chest of draws" for sale on a University billboard, it begs that question.
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