Friday, July 24, 2009

Mini Movie Reviews: Bulk Hit No 11

The Proposal
This was the first movie we watched together without Baby E since she's been born. Once I shook the feeling that I'd forgotten something, and settled in, I really enjoyed this. It follows the classic, predictable romantic comedy formula, and follows it well. If you enjoy the genre, I think you'll enjoy the film. Haki thinks Sandra Bullock is too old for this type of role. I say, "She's still hot, it works". Ryan Renolds has excellent comic timing and delivery.

Baby Mama
Amy Poehler is funny. It is worth watching this movie to watch her. Tina Fey plays her role well too, but man, Poehler is funny. A solid comedy. (P.S. IVF is not so easy, dear director. I'm sick of movies portraying people harvesting eggs and having them implanted as though it's like getting a pedicure.)

Harry Potter and the Half-blood Prince
This is a good way. Some of the scenes are captivating, but the overall adaptation is not as tight as the other films - with some episodes seeming out of place and disjointed from the rest of the narrative. My money wasn't wasted, but 30 minutes of my time was. You can't be that long unless you're Lord of the Rings, sorry. (Okay, maybe there are a few other exceptions, but this wasn't one of them.) The group of people I saw it with, on the other hand; flawless.

Not baaaaaaad, but really not good. Its story is soooo similar to some other films that part-way through I found myself going, "No. They didn't. They did. Oh no." I realised the writers went with something that's been done. So...if you've seen the same films as me, you'll no doubt feel the same way. I can't say which films though, or it will ruin it. Maybe worth renting as a weekly, but not as a new release.

Slumdog Millionaire
I broke my own rules to see this (it's R-13 in NZ, and I don't usually do R-anything)...because so many people I respected said this film was "uplifting" - and that's something I want from a film, if not what I want most. I wish I hadn't broken them. Sure, portions of the film are inspiring...but the balance was depressing and shocking. I'm not denying depressing and shocking things happen, I just don't like to call them entertainment. Whether "love and life conquer all" or the end, I felt the scales were tipped towards sadness. I didn't feel good. I wish I could have just watched the scene where the protagonist escapes the long-drop toilet - because that's the scene I remember, and enjoyed. Most of the others haunt me - and that is their intention, I believe. This is a film that wants you to be shocked into feeling, rather than awakened to imagine.

Bring on your opinions, concurring or contrary.

I feel you can safely skip:
Purple Violets

My Sassy Girl
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