Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Optimism has its limits

Reading my description of yesterday, you may have gained the impression that my mood turned foul.

Oh no.

I attempted to be optimistic in spite of my mini-trials, I assure you.
  • When there were no bowls left for my breaky, and I grabbed a cereal bar instead, I thought, "Ha! It's the last one of the best flavour! That'll serve you right, fellow cohabitants!"
  • When I got the buggy and all my mother accessories out of the car...just to put them back in again, I thought, "Well, that was like a test run. I am going to look like a finely-tuned machine to those parking on the next floor!"
  • When the photo kiosk had a hernia, I thought, "They were $1.00 a print from that kiosk anyway. I'll get them cheaper somewhere else. You lose kiosk, you lose!"
  • When I wheeled to the cinema and they weren't selling the tickets I wanted yet, I thought, "It was exercise". (I was scrambling for that one initially.)
  • When the boob-ladies told me my size doesn't exist, I decided to be complimented by the fact that I would need to go to LA or Vegas to pick up my cup size matched with my girth measurements.
  • When I received more than a few "looks" due to my positioning for breastfeeding in the public library, I thought, "Well, you came here for an education."
  • And clearly, when my Apple Ale lept to its death, I thought, "Well, I get to write a letter and no doubt obtain free stuff".
But when I realised my Google Analytics code hadn't been tracking visitors for 3 days there was no silver lining. None at all.


I have it!

Put your hands up if you swung by these parts during the 3 days of darkness.
/cocking my head and scanning the wall behind the computer

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