Monday, July 27, 2009

Primary's Drive-in Movie

Friday night was our second quarterly Primary activity for the year.

I modelled it on my fond memory of an activity I attended when I was's one that still circulates in Mormon circles (I observe online). And why not? It's a sure winner!

Boxes + Movie + Children = Winner.

My take on the winning activity idea...

I remember carefully designing my box car and lining it up next to my best friend in the gymnasium. I also remember eating popcorn in my own little box. I really dug having my own private space to view the movie...the movie I now don't remember at all.

I was thrilled to see how into it the kids of today were ("of today", as though I'm ancient, muahaha). Nice too, to learn they had made a real family activity of it.

I was wowed by witty license plates, limousines (made for two children), duvets and pillows serving as inner cushions, spinning steering wheels, and careful paintwork.

One little lady even baked and sold cookies to earn her "own money" to purchase a little horn for her box car (and her little sister's!).

Bless their dear little hearts.

P.S. I know some people don't like the Liken DVDs. I'm not "some people". I love them in all their corny goodness.
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