Sunday, July 26, 2009

Sabbath Amusements V

Amusement 1

During the sacrament meeting, I leaned over and whispered to Haki, "Do you have a tie on?"

He smiled goofily, "No".

I leaned in again, "Why not?"

"I completely forgot."

I stifled giggles, "When did you realise?"

"Just then."

Amusement 2

During Sharing Time, today's beautiful and lovely teacher, Kate, revealed two puppets! I heart puppets! I became very excited. I listened as she explained they would feature as characters in a story she was going to tell to illustrate the principle of keeping the Sabbath day holy.

You may recognise these characters, and even know them by name, but today, they were known as...

Caleb & Joshua.

At the story's end, children answered questions relating to the tale, and shared their thoughts and feelings about what they had just heard. Then, one little dear put up his hand and said, "Joshua's naked".

He's right.

Amusement 3

Baby E turned her changing mat into a play-mat...

...that is, until the mat transformed into an energy-vacuum and forced her, quite suddenly, into a deep slumber.

Amusement 4

Apparently our couch has the same special ability.

In other news...
A certain 5-year-old, who shall henceforth be known as "Master N", has imprinted on our child.

There's no denying it. In Haki's words, "[He] had eyes only for her at church today".

Oh Master N, your future does not look bright.

Good luck climbing the barbed-wire fence, getting past the guard-dogs, evading the watch-towers, land-mines, and surveillance...and avoiding the shotgun-toting "uncles" that surround this babe.

Then, good luck getting past her dad.
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