Friday, July 3, 2009

So ah...we moved...again

Earlier this week, I noticed our neighbours were moving out. Sure enough, online I found a listing indicating their apartment was up for lease. Their 3-bedroom apartment.

I began thinking.

Haki and I want to keep me at home with Baby E. Me at home means me without my teacher's salary.

Our friend, Scott, wants to move back out to Mosgiel - land of the free.

I ran my idea by Haki. He concurred.

And so, with our powers combined...we form...the new super-occupants of the 3-bedroom apartment next door. Two and half bread-winners is better than 1.5. Although feeding The Scotty is quite an undertaking, I think the arrangement is going to be good for all. In fact, good for the world. We will be...the fantastic four. Fun will be had.

And so, for the past 3 days I have been moving us...
  • while Baby E naps (that's right, she sleeps in the bassinet and cot now...our little girl's feeling more secure);
  • while Baby E flirts with her synthetic mobile (now named Harold);
  • with Baby E hangin' in the Moby; and
  • as my mother-in-law or Haki bounces Baby E around the room.
Moving just next door - piece of cake - right?

I'm into my 23rd hour of carrying armfuls of our stuff from our previous place to our new one. Granted, my need to reconfigure the kitchen cupboards' contents three times didn't speed things up. Nor the compulsion to re-fold each item of clothing before placing it in its new home.

Things I've luuuuuuurved about moving:
  • Putting up our pictures. Again.
  • Drawing diagrams to plan where things will go.
  • Selecting homes for items based upon careful logic. Standing back feeling certain the most logical place has been chosen.
  • The chance to review the relevance of each possession owned. Again. "Do we really need to own this?"
  • Noting the new apartment is indeed warmer, as I suspected (having fewer exterior walls).
  • Playing "Smile for Mumma" as intermission.
  • Finding our new shower has a removable showerhead.
  • Feeling now authorised to correct the mis-abbreviated label on our neighbour's recycling bin. ("App." is not short for "apartment".)
And these...not so much:
  • Changing our address with 21 companies. By one digit. (Even if I keep a single list of "Companies to change our address with when we move" that includes their phone numbers / email addresses and our customer information.)
  • Finding mildew growing behind shelves in our old bedroom; scrubbing it off with vinegar.
  • Cleaning up previous tenants' mystery grime.
  • Not owning a special conveyer belt contraption thingee running between our old apartment and new apartment.
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