Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Stationery-lovers' Crack


I can't stop.

Saturday I ordered a personalised notepad, pen, stickers, postcards, and magnets.
Yesterday I got back on and ordered more stickers.
Today I will order mooooore stickers.

I intend to order enough stickers to not only label every book I now own as belonging to our family...but to also brand every book we could possibly buy in 10 lifetimes.

I cannot bear the thought of buying too few stickers and, 16 years from now, finding I cannot match the sticker design identically for the balance of the books to label.

Torture, this would be.

Visit this site at your own peril. It lures you in, I tell you. "Freeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!" And it is free...free to buy, but not to ship. Sometimes this works out fine...
Such as a T-shirt costing NZD$4.33 to ship to me. I figure $4.33 is a fair price to pay for a T-shirt and its printing.

I have considered that somewhere someone is being short-changed for me to get such a steal.
And then...I tell myself it's all done by machines, and the machines are getting what they deserve.

Tomorrow I'll stop.

Okay, maybe Friday.

Friday I will invest $4.33 in a T-shirt with a design suggested by someone reading this post. Ideas must be received as comments here...although I will accept accompanying scanned-in sketches and Photoshop work via email. Any accompanying description of your work and its meaning is limited to 1,000 words.
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