Monday, July 20, 2009

What ugly text? I don't know what you're talking about

Yesterday we woke to glorious, settled snow. We also arose to discover Haki's nose had been replaced with a leaky double-faucet. Gross. As a result of both of these facts, I ended up attending the other branch's afternoon sacrament meeting with Baby E, sans the germy husband and post-risky road. The bulk of the remaining day was spent cosying up in a dear friends' home who welcomed the risk of infection when weighed alongside the blessing of our company.

While visiting the dear friends, a number of online things came up in conversation. I made my way over to their computer to share a few pages....starting with the "new face of my blog".

I tasted horror when the page loaded. Horror is salty. It made me screw up my face. The cause of my horror: the far left and right columns of my "new blog" featured text in an Arial-type, over sized font. This was not the font I had chosen for my new design, no sirree. I sat, painfully transfixed. I realised the filthy mac I was viewing the site on lacked the font I had selected. It occurred to me Amee's computer may not be the only one that displayed things this way. Salty. I comforted myself by making an inner commitment to load the culprit text as an image as soon as I got home. I'll show you, computers-lacking-my-font! I'll win! The comfort was short-lived, as every time the conversation waned I found myself thinking about how many people had seen the new look with the faulty writing. As soon as I got home, and had Baby E nestled in the her bassinet...I logged in and quickly set things right in the world.

So, dear readers, if you viewed the "new look" Striking Keys prior to this adjustment, I would like you to look closely at the image below.

You saw nothing.
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