Saturday, August 1, 2009

The 50 cent Extravaganza

No, not the rapper.

So much better than the rapper.

Yesterday I stopped in at Shop on Taieri, Mosgiel, and discovered not only was everything in store half price...all children's clothing was 50 cents a piece. Full stop. The end. No conditions apply.

I bought 13 little'un things for $6.50. Also, two pairs of rad rad earrings.

Two of my favourites from my stack of peoplet clothing:

50 cents!

50 cents! 50 cents to hav a mini-Jacqui Kennedy! UN-BEEEE-lievable.
(Warning: enlarging this image to more closely examine the buttons may cause you to squirm with delight)

Wait, that's not all!

I swung by Sallies too. There I got more overnaps...AND...the most retro front-pack in all the land.

Haki's response to the most retro front-pack in all the land:
"That has no lower back support."

Me: "But it's retro."

So what if I already have a Moby and two other front packs. It was a bargain! Plus, see how it inspired love and concern in my husband? So sweet.
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