Monday, August 10, 2009

An August Night, in Numbers

8:01 - the time in the evening I found myself with a sudden onset of sweet teeth (to say there was only one would be a lie).
1 - mug of Weight Watchers' "caramel dessert" half-consumed, then tipped out. Yuck.
1 - pack of lunch-box, honey popcorn, also eaten. More....sugar...give me MOoOOre!
1 - finger, dipped into the honey of a spoonful, being used to make Haki his evening lemon and honey.
46 - the number of minutes it had been since the Mosgiel supermarkets closed.
7 - how many pink marshmallows I ate from the bag - the bag destined for topping kumara mash tomorrow night - justifying my actions by thinking, "Pink isn't good on kumara mash anyway".
9:35 - the time of night I felt my need for things sweet had not been satisfied.
16 - the approximate number of times a certain friend has invited me to taste her home-made iced chocolate.
16 - the number of times I have declined...due to lack of enthusiasm for driving into Dunedin.
1 - how many photos I needed to stumble upon online to end the streak at 16 forever.

This shot had become her profile picture on FB today.

She taunted me.

9:36 - the time I sent the certain friend a text message
3 - the number of questions the message contained; "You up? Feel like a visitor? Got all the ingredients?"
3 - the number of "yes-es" she sent back.
2 - how many minutes it took me to get out the door.
2s - the type of waste Baby E produced while visiting the iced chocolate-producer.
1s - the type of waste the chocolate-producer's boys were carried to the toilet for, in their sleep. A...dorable.
100 - the speed I was travelling on the motorway home.
115 - the speed everyone else seemed to be travelling.
0 - the number of policeman around to notice this.
1 - how many cups of hot chocolate I consumed upon arriving home.

Sweet teeth = now satisfied. Just.
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