Saturday, August 8, 2009

Delightful Domestic Discoveries

  • If I lay Baby E in the bassinet immediately after a shower...her hair dries like Tintin.
  • I was feeling reckless last week. I stacked the dishwasher without rinsing. The dishes still came out clean. I chose to focus on my bright, rinse-free future instead of my wasted-rinsing past. (We may have lost a TV moving, but we gained the dishwasher. Oooooo.)
  • For some time I have endeavoured to keep a plastic container in the fridge filled with carrot sticks. This habit was founded on my belief that ready-made healthy snacks have a much greater chance of being consumed than any food requiring even a minimal level of preparation. Because I want to promote healthy eating (not only for the male counterpart and friend, but for myself), I thought the time peeling and chopping was well spent. Imagine my glee when I discovered the carrots were still consumed when I quit making neat little sticks of them - peeling and removing the stalk-ends (which takes only a fraction of the time) is sufficient. If that saves me 3 minutes every day, that is 18 hours and 15 minutes of carrot-chopping I won't be doing in the next year. Muaha.
  • The most retro front-pack in all the land is in fact a back-pack. Us = noobs. This is grand because I already have two front-packs, aaaand a Moby. Now my purchase is even more justified - a baby back-pack is a totally different thing.
  • The baby baaaaaaack-pack also has transformer powers - like the changing/play-mat and our, too, can become an energy-vacuum. This helped me make dinner when Baby E was having a, "Hold me, love me" day, all day.
What's that? You spy my baaaaaaaaaaking cupboard and more glorious click-clack containers? I can't get anything past you!

Haki - say nothing of that unruly cord. I know it mars the photo, but nothing can be done - it is too short to bind up with a rubber band or cord-tidy like all our other cords. Hush.
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