Sunday, August 2, 2009

Dinner Laughs

I called my mama to chat while I made dinner Friday. I like to chat while I make dinner. She informed me she and Dad were having scrambled eggs for their dinner. I found this to be an interesting choice. She then explained, "We found the chook's nest. There were 18 eggs."

For dinner I served Moroccan Beef, potatoes topped with cottage cheese and mint, and steamed broccoli. I cooked the potatoes whole in the microwave (to make the meal a fast one). When I retrieved the first spud, I tossed it back and forth between my palms before dropping it on a dinner plate. As I did so, I sang, "Hot potato, hot potato." Haki did not appear amused. I sang it again as I removed the next potato from the glass plate. Haki remained unamused.

I stopped singing.

"You're still singing it in your head, aren't you?" Haki asked.


I then reflected on when I first told Haki that my mother doesn't believe in microwaves.

"What do you mean, 'She doesn't believe in them'? They exist. What is there not to believe in?" he'd asked.

I explained, "She doesn't believe they're good for us. We're all gonna grow third arms in 30 years."

We blessed the food and tucked in. And I smiled over dinner. Oh, mamma.
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