Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Happy happy birthday, Haki dear

Monday was Haki's birthday.

Last year, I made a pictorial treasure hunt for the dear man...well, I thought it was for him...but as it turns out, he wasn't excited about being roused early to stagger wearily through the house.

This year I waited until Haki woke all on his own and had been watered and fed before sharing the prizes.

Among them...a new chess set.

You may remember Haki likes chess. Major clue on past post: "Haki got out a book with 5334 chess problems, combinations and games."

That's a whole lottaaaaa chess.

Haki plays chess on the home computer against a computer. He plays chess against anonymous online people. He plays on his I-pod Touch, on the dining room table with Scott (and Scott's ches set), with an 8-year-old boy, on the dining room table against himself, and occasionally (out of sympathy), with me.

We didn't have our own chess set anymore, however. We keep giving them away. We must stop that.

Anyyyyyway....I decided it was time this was remedied, and so set about the usual covert operations; I ascertained Haki's chess preferences without raising suspicion, and requested a dear friend order the chosen set. It is wooden, has tall pieces (Haki discriminates against midget pawns), folds in half, and resembles the set he described obtaining while serving his mission in the Philippines...(a set he came back without).

Haki approved of the purchase, making some ill-taste references to presents of past years. (What's wrong with giving someone a tent for their birthday, I ask?) Back to the chess set - we both agreed a gift that would supply an activity for our children is a good gift. This brings me back to the tent. Ahem.

For the remainder of the day, Haki said what he wanted most was to...
a) Spend the day with his family; and
b) Spend *my* money.

Further notes about a) and b)

a) Haki finished work early so that he could hang with me and Baby E. Wish = granted.
b) We've allocated ourselves a small "allowance" of spending money in our weekly budget. At the end of the first week of having this allowance, Haki whined, "It's not fair. I don't like this plan, you still have money" and then later, "Can I borrow some money?". He did. Three weeks later, come his birthday, I offered to treat him to something with the rest of the moolah that's been slowly growing in *my* account. He agreed this was a very good idea. The initial plan was to look for some jeans, but in the 5 minutes we had been on the road en route to town, Haki decided he was too hungry to shop, and wanted to spend my money on eating out instead. If you insist, Birthday Boy...after all, if you buy jeans with my money, I don't get to eat them. Venue: Jitsu. Verdict: Delicious.

We then made our usual rounds to the local video stores to pick up Haki's complimentary birthday movie rentals, and returned home for a snuggle-fest.

More than once in the day, I exclaimed, "It's like it's myyyy birthday!" And so it seemed - boy I love spending time with that man!

P.S. Janssen did a great post on money and marriage the other day...well worth a read.
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