Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Happy Un-anniversary II

A year ago today I declared August 11th as our un-anniversary. Hoorah for bogus, made-up days of celebration! For this one's come again!

This time last year, Haki and I were still waiting (and yearning) for a baby.

So, it has now been 6 and 2/3rds of a year since this...

And we've seen each other through a lot.

And laughed even more.

Sometimes the laughing was on the inside.

But, of course, nothing has changed our relationship, and my perception of the man I've married, more than (finally) becoming parents.

I marvel now, more than ever, at having made an excellent choice in marrying this man...because he is an incredible father.

And so, in tribute to him, how long we've been wed, and F-atherhood...
  1. He's faithful - Not only in the way the word's most often used...but in his devotion to his little girl. He is always more than willing to don the nappy bag and carry her capsule to the car. He happily attends to filled nappies. He sings to her as he walks the room with her. When she cries, he gently places her in the colic hold and rubs her back. He's involved.
  2. He's fervent - There is no end to his adoration of Baby E. He is the only one that comes close to expressing his admiration for the babe as often as I do. When he can, he pops in around midday just to hug her and kiss her. He pours over her online albums when home and afar...I think he must have clicked through the "Favourites" folder of Baby E at least 180 times by now (an average of twice a day since she's been born...more during the first week).
  3. He's fascinated - In the morning, Baby E begins making "ooo" sounds and kicking in the three-sided cot wedged in tightly beside our bed. Pulling ourselves out of slumber, we reconfigure ourselves in our bed so that we can watch her. I turn onto my side, and rest my head atop two praying, kissing hands. Haki props himself up on my torso's side, leaning over me. He forms two acute angles with his arms outstretched, and rests his chin on top of his hands, which overlap in the middle. We watch. We giggle.
  4. He's awfully fond of me - He tells me so during the middle-of-the night feeds. "You're amazing" and "You're such a good mum" have been known to escape his lips as he rolls over in response to the shift in the bedding as I gather in Baby E and pillows to nurse. He never remembers saying such. I don't mind.
  5. He's funny - I know, "humorous" received a number last year...but then so did "helpful", which is akin to faithful. And he is oh-so-funny. He dances for Baby E. He makes sounds. He explains the world to her. Did I mention the dancing?
  6. He's a tad fanatical - When no one else can hear, Haki leans in, and with his lips near my ear, reminds me he's as overenthusiastic about our child as I am, with, "She's perfect", "She's the most beautiful girl", and "She's the cutest".
...and he's 2/3rds fastidious. Never have I known this dear man to be so observant and concerned with the little things. "Is she warm enough?" "Is she comfortable?" "Where is her other foot right now?" I'll leave it as a fraction though, as he still seems unable to detect a full rubbish bin...among other things.

Back to the tribute...

And so, instead of my love for Haki being nudged into a smaller space of my heart, the birth and first months of Baby E's life have proven to me that we humans grow to contain what we must feel...allowing me to be overwhelmed with the love I have for our now family of three.

Happy un-anniversary, Haki. I'm burgeoning at all seams with the love I have for you.
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