Friday, August 14, 2009

High Tide

I'm well aware that I sound over-the-top happy with my life right now. Or like someone pretending to be.

But the thing is, I am over-the-top happy with my life right now. And I think it would be a mistake not to celebrate when the going is good.

I believe in ebbs - that is, Longfellow's metaphorical ebbs. I spent years reminding myself, "The lowest ebb is the turn of the tide". I spent years scrambling to find the positive so I could accentuate it.

How wrong would it be, when I've reached an obvious high tide in my life, to fail to stop and appreciate it? For sure enough, the tide will go out again at some point; that's life.

So, right now, in this shining chapter, there's no searching for them - I'm swimming in positives. (To think, it was only 11 short weeks ago that I feared I would never, ever be able to leave the house again.)

I've covered how fortunate I am in my choice of husband.

Please allow me to take a minute, to commit to always remembering the joy of Baby E's...
  • wide, gummy smile;
  • dopey cuddles after immunisations 1 and 2;
  • relaxed little frame in the shower;
  • "ka ka" sound, that was quickly replaced by the quick intake of her bottom lip to make a clicking sound, which was then rapidly replaced by a breathy giggle;
  • sneezes - which require her arms and legs to all be pulled in and a smidgen of her little girl voice leaking out behind the "choo";
  • unknowing rattling - when she waves around the rattle from 7-12 weeks, but has no idea where that sound is coming from...or that she's holding anything;
  • giggles, in response to being tickled by the tip of my ponytail on her face;
  • freeze and squint - evoked by softly blowing on her cheek and forehead when she's crying;
  • unlatch-to-smile - due to breath on her hair, a smile in her direction, clicking sounds, singing...almost anything;
  • bashful turn - when she's smiling or laughing, she turns her head away or tips her chin into her neck chubba as though she's playing coy, or just can't take it anymore; it's too funny;
  • smell - of sweet milk and lavender;
  • immediately dimished cry when the bassinet is rocked, or when we sing to her, stroke her cheek, clutch her hand, or change her to the "magic position" she's seeking;
  • feel; the feeling of soft warmth which is magical to hold and hard to let go of. Even for family. Even for Haki. ("I'll hold her." / "I'm fine." / "I want to." / "Same. Take a number.")
  • morning glee;
  • ability to drift off quietly to sleep on the floor, in the shopping trolley, and even in the shower;
  • other ability to fight sleep, with all her might...until eventually, she falls into its embrace quite suddenly, mid-cry;
  • upside-down, grinning look from upon my lap; and
  • humming and "ooing" in response to a mother's song.
Tide = High.
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