Wednesday, August 26, 2009

It's not just a game

Last night we went to Jasmine and Matthew's for a) dinner; b) the branch's Elders Quorum Meeting; and c) a much-anticipated game of Pictionary.

Let us discuss "Item C" further.

Matthew considers himself rather good at Pictionary. In fact, Matthew boasts frequently about his Pictionary skills. Matthew claims he is unbeatable.

Or at least...claimed.

That's right, we won. As I recall...we were winning the entire game; there was no time when we were not winning. We left winners. Winning feels good.

My favourite part of the entire game, was when Jasmine played "tap the page over and over with the pencil-tip and then maybe it will become clearer", to Matthew's chagrin...only for him to play the very same game his next turn to draw. Excellent.

My second favourite part of the match, was when I drew this:

I drew the left image first...but when Haki cried, "Candle...candle-stick...candle-holder"...I knew I'd have to give him more. Apparently adding the face (homage to Lumiere) only sparked confusion. "Beauty and the Beast...what's his name?"

Thus the addition, at right. I thought my work was done, for sure.


Haki rattled off these answers, getting louder and more excited as he went:


I collapsed in relief. We'd beaten the egg timer.

Onto the next object, and Haki's turn to draw.

Can you tell what it is?

I wore my stumped face. Haki resisted the urge to play tap-the-page and instead supplied a second illustration...which in turn provided clarity and the correct guess;

Yes, my friends, the object was YOYO. Yoooooyoooo. What, you got that from the first drawing? You call those fingers? /shaking head in disbelief. Perhaps you are an answer to Haki's pleading heavenward, mid-game, "Can I buy a new partner?"

They don't look like fingers.

I got it anyway.

And we still won.

Matthew, we still won.

P.S. If you have not forgiven my gloating you must not be familiar with a) Matthew's level of pre-game gloating; b) my nature; or c) my gaming losing streak of last year (although Pictionary was not among the games lost, I must note).
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