Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Maths with Ange

Dear, dear Anne-Marie recently had a C-section, and so can't drive - which is a great excuse to be in her face all the time insisting I be permitted to help. Now and then she lets me. Today was such a day. I had the pleasure of chauffeuring her and her two girls (one brand-spanking new) into town to do lunch with another friend, and then to the library.

After our little excursion (the baby's first since her homecoming - and she slept through the whole thing), we returned to Amee's house, and her two boys, now home from school.

As I laid Baby E onto a plush little blanket on the floor and commenced changing her, the boys commented on how big she has become (especially compared to their newest sibling). They then quickly added, "But we're still lots bigger than her!"

The elder of the pair said, "Yeah, she's almost as big as [my sister]!" Speaking of the 3-year-old I'd just returned with.

"Ah, not quite. But yoooou, are a LOT more than twice her age! Did you know that? In fact," I said, with a quick look upward, "you are more than 32 times her age! Wowsers!"

The eldest son's eyes popped as his chin jutted out.

The younger boy chimed in, "Do me! Do me!"

"Well, let's see...if you're 6, then you are 24 times older than [Baby E]!"

And here is the kicker...
In response he cried, "HOly MOley! Blow my pants off!"

And that, my friends, is "Maths with Ange".

P.S. I failed to mention to the lads that a 3-month-old makes for very easy arithmetic...else no more metaphorical pants should fly.
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