Thursday, August 6, 2009

No Skeletons Here

When I made this post, I was praying someone would comment on my cupboards.

Wasn't this photo begging the question? Aren't those click-clacks behind the frosted glass crying out for attention?

"Wow, look at those!" would have sufficed. Or, "Can't we see inside your pantry?"...also acceptable. (If those aren't some more pearler T-shirt slogans, I'll be darned!)

While some other humans would rather you didn't take a look inside their closets, and nosily open closed doors, one thing you must learn about someone with that there is no place we would rather have you look.


This is what you would have seen if you'd just asked.

But you didn't, so I guess you miss out.

Which means you also don't get to virtually open more. To see things like this...

or just one corner of a drawer that looks like this...

Of course those empty and near-empty jars bug me. I could have rearranged the photo so that jars from the other part of the drawer took their place, but that would disrupt the theme groupings of the spices...and we can't have that.
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