Saturday, August 8, 2009

Project: Clip-off

The coolest earrings I find in op-shops tend to be clip-ons.

This first pair are my favourites. You can't see here...but they have a 3D paisley pattern on them, and in the negative space there are little bumpy lines. Awe...some. For scale - they're about the size of a NZ 50cent piece. I've just now decided that telling you they are awesome is not enough. I believe a day-time photo shoot is in order; subject: these earrings. (The flash and night lighting just doesn't do these winners justice.)

Clip-ons hurt my poor lobes.

This morning I set about gluing posts onto all my clip-on earring backs.

Prying off the clip-ons proved more tricky than I had anticipated. But with some help from some trusty tweezers, a nail file, a kitchen knife, and the Scottatron...

I had my wish.
Now is an opportune time to mention that I am very into pistolready82's loot. I want all of the earrings this girl makes. I want them aaaaall.
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