Sunday, August 16, 2009

Sabbath Amusements VI


Today during Primary we were learning about sealing power (which we believe allows families to live together forever).

Kate was teaching, and introduced two little bean-bag men representing Malachi and Elijah. It was super-cute. Kate picked up Elijah (he was about the height of a hand's span) and began to tell a little about him...this included recounting how Jewish families lay a place at their table for him during Jewish Passover, that we believe he has already returned, and some of the miracles Elijah performed while on the earth.

To illustrate the keys and authority Elijah held, Kate emphasised a few things. "Elijah called fire down from heaven! Do you think that's pretty powerful?" she looked out at the little faces for a response.

Most of the children nodded or said, "Yeeeees".

One young man did not. He said, "Spiderman's powerful."

Kate, unfazed, countered, "Elijah was even more powerful than Spiderman." She bounced the little bean-bag man as she spoke, "Elijah even raised some from the dead!"

The same boy rebutted, "Scooby Doo can do that!"


Later, in the same lesson, Kate led the children with this line, "There is a special place where the sealing keys are used". She formed a spire over her head and opened her eyes wide and waited.

The superhero-lover piped up again...


We went on to sing "I Love to see the Temple" just to ensure the other children didn't think England's capital was the only place we could make the magic happen.
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