Saturday, August 15, 2009

Sanitiser Insanity

The supermarket shelves are all too often empty where the hand sanitiser should be.

I'll tell you why this grinds my gears. I already bought the stuff before all this swine flu mumbo jumbo. Back then it was just me and all the other CNP and OCD folk. Nooooow, everybody's doing it.

In my defence, I think I've kept myself reined in on this one. I only use it for:
  • "washing" my hands when in the car and grabbing a bite to eat from a supermarket, stall, or other place where I can't wash my hands;
  • cleaning my hands when camping or sleeping over somewhere before taking out or putting in my contact lenses (saving me having to wait on a shared sink or waking anyone to get to one late/early); and now,
  • putting on my hands after changing Baby E somewhere lacking a place to scrub up.
Not only is the absence of my convenience product highly inconvenient...I fear its rampant overuse by the general public.

And Haki is part of the general public.

We were recently eating together at a local, small-time café. This café boasts a toy train children can climb on. I nodded in its direction and said, "One day, Baby E will be climbing on that train".

Haki wrinkled his brow as he moaned, "No she won't".

This stand is due to Haki's fear of germs. Namely, other children's germs.

You may have thought I would be the last to say it, but I think we can go too far in this department. Kids need to be exposed to some bugs, dirt, grime and bacteria (just not of the poos-and-wees-getting-into-the-mouth-or-eyeball variety). A few years from now, we'll be calling the babies and toddlers of now the "Swine Flu generation" - to mark their lack of immune systems as a result of us drowning in antibacterial pump-action bottles.

For sure, I want Baby E to be safe in this world...but I also want her to experience it!

My idea of safety differs from Haki's.

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