Friday, August 28, 2009


As part of our family day on Haki's birthday, we walked through town to the Public Library for a browse and such until Haki's chosen restaurant opened for dinner.

On the way, I spied an old colleague! Not just a colleague, a friend! Oh, we'd been close! We taught together at an all-boys semi-private school 3 years ago. We'd carpooled from Port Chalmers three days a week. I invited him to attend the Port Chalmers Community group meeting I was secretary of. He did! He smiled when he pulled up outside my house every morning and I scuttled out toting all my books and teaching paraphernalia. Friends.

"Peter!" I called out.

He smiled. He was so happy to see me! And with a baby, no less! Amazing what happens in three years!

And then, pointing in my direction, came the outstretched, flailing arm of doubt from Peter. "Ah...forgive me...ah..." and then, the arm found something to grip; Haki's arm! "Haki!" Peter said grinning, as he squeezed Haki's bicep; "Haki [Lastname]!" He then turned back to me, with a sorry look on his face.

"Mrs [LastName]".

Well done, Peter.

Teachers have a way with names.

Haki smiled after he left.

I consoled myself aloud, "Well, it was like that at that school, you called everyone Mrs. Soandso and Mr. Suchandsuch, it's just what you do."


"Plus, your name's unusual."

Haki nodded and smiled as we pressed on, behind the apple-coloured buggy, onwards to our destination, where I could perhaps leave a great impression on the librarian, or some kiddy in the childrens' book section.
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