Monday, September 21, 2009


My sister has been urging me, "Esky has too much hair to not have some barrettes in there."

I didn't like the idea.

But I was curious.

So I checked the dollar store for some barrettes. I found some, put them on Esky, staged a shoot, and thought the barrette chapter of our lives was over for at least 3 years.

Then I saw these...
...along with all their friends on Etsy.

I found them cute. Very cute. I found myself thinking about them. I wanted to see them on Esky.

I couldn't justify spending about NZD$15.00 to get a pair here. Especially since I won't let her wear them without me watching her every second they're in.

My thought process thereafter: What if she puts those puppies in her mouth? What if the round part pops off? Ah! Maybe when she's older, and doesn't eat everything. But they'd look so cute. I could put them in for times when I know I'd be watching. They'd be cute. Really cute. I want some. That's it, I'm making some!

So I did.

And they did look cute on Esky.

So I made some more.

And more.

I gave some away to a friend, those pictured are those that I kept. Personally, the "Oh my galosh" pair are my favourites.

P.S. I spent $20.00 for 8 pairs, which works out to $2.50 a pair - which is a lot better than the 15 bucka I could have spent on one. Well, I'm sure postage would have been combined for multiple pairs ordered...but you get the idea. Plus, there's the satisfaction in having made them. Well, stuck them together. I just bought button embellishments, hair clips, and super glue. There's your tutorial.
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