Monday, September 7, 2009

Bowl Movements

The Scotty can be forgetful at times. He's the sort that cheerfully parts with, "See ya!" as he heads out the the door...then reappears in under 10 seconds for something he's forgotten...sometimes twice.

This weekend he was preparing to attend dinner at a friend's place, and asked, "Do we have any bowls I can put a salad in?" First of all, what kind of question is that? Who doesn't have a bowl? Anyway, I think he meant, "Which bowl should I use?" Anyway...I retrieved my gorgeous, wooden, 'mongous carved salad bowl, gifted to us from the lovely Kate and Craig.

I hesitated for a moment as I watched The Scotty fill it. Should I say it? I want to. I won't. Wait until it happens, I thought...don't patronise the man.

The Scotty went to his dinner, beautiful bowl in hand.

The Scotty came home...bowl-less.

I should have said it; "Shall we write on your hand to remember the bowl?"

Fortunately, Scotty devised a system to ensure he remembered to collect the forgotten bowl the following morning before church.

See how high the note is? That is because The Scotty is an Ent. I commented on the note's placement and he said, "Actually, it's still too low for me". I thought this alone was funny...

...then I looked closer.

Then I was unsure if The Scotty was in fact attempting to recover my prized salad dish...or had misspelled a body organ and had a transplant scheduled I didn't know about.

Considering Sunday has come and gone, and The Scotty has left on business for the week...I'm going with transplant I didn't know about?

P.S. Voyeurs: within this "door to my apartment shot" you can see the "Keys and Things" bowl, Haki's didgeridoo (recently given to us from his mum after her trip to Australia), our exercycle (Project: Parents Get-fit), my beloved filing cabinet, the velcro dots on the door where I can affix my "Mum and Bubs are sleeping" sign, and the nappy bag!
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