Sunday, September 6, 2009

First Father's Day

Breakfast: Caramelised bananas and smoked bacon sandwiched between French toast with a dash of cinnamon, drenched in maple syrup accompanied by a mammoth Milo with marshmallows (in Haki's new mammoth mug - which I shall henceforth call the "Dundee Mug" - "That's not a mug..."). I suspected Haki wouldn't mind delaying his fast's start. I was right.

Additional Gifts: Golf balls, a retro oil bottle for the chef in him, a leather "Dad's" key-ring, the coolest cookie tin I've seen in eons (filled with cookies) and a bicycle bell - which I will use to pimp Baby E's buggy so that Haki may ring it ceremoniously on walks.

Embellishments: Ribbon; a honeydew scented candle; freesias; more ribbon; one solitary sparkling candle.

How did we get here:

Yesterday's forecast:
And it delivered.

We (the babe and I) set out into town with the alibi of spending more of my allowance in search of quirk-spoils; easy sell.

Once there, I parked and began the shop for this morning. Due to Friday's Odyssey, the finance for this mission was not too shabby, but there were limits.
Having purchased all of the little gifts, I made my way last to Pak'n'Save to gather the groceries needed for the breakfast (left until last, since I didn't want them getting stinky in the sun). I knew I'd spent most of what I had. I counted up my cash, and figured that with what was left in *my* account, I might just be able to stretch it to what I had planned...perhaps I was a dollar short. To be safe, I made my way over to the payphone by the door, and called the bank for a balance. I was a dollar short. As I hung up, I heard a coin fall into the built-in returns tray of the phone. $1.00.

The birds singing in the trees adjacent to the carpark on my walk back to the car reminded me, again, to be grateful. I drew Baby E's attention to their song. She smiled.

Due to spending down the last dollar, I was unable to pick up any groceries for the night's dinner...and we were cleaned out of some essentials, by Haki's book. With the sun shining as it was, I decided a potato salad was called for, and that is what I made as our main dish for the evening. Haki, disappointed with the vegetarian offering, asked, "Where's the meeeeeat?" I felt bad. Then the phone rang. A dear friend, Jen, asked me if I would do her a favour. I said I would do anything (she is dear, after all), and she continued, "Please come over and help us eat all this fish! Darcy caught too many today and we cooked them all, and they'll just go to waste if you don't." Manna from heaven, I tell you. Haki's eye-lights danced at the news.

Once home, I carried Baby E inside and greeted the lads, who were enjoying an open-doored spring lounge. Ah. Placing our girl in Haki's arms, and tilting the blinds to prevent a view of outside, I explained I was going out to retrieve my finds. I first went to the spare room to "drop off the nappy bag", code for - open the window...muaha! I went out to the car, and loaded up with the spread for the next morning's table. I scuttled past the back of the apartment and its closed blinds, and lowered the goods into the spare room. Then I returned to the car and grabbed the barretts I bought for Baby E, along with a few other pieces. Hitches = zero.

The bacon needed to be kept cold, and so I smuggled it into the kitchen tucked behind my waistband, and behind the open fridge door, curled it into a place I was certain Haki wouldn't look, still holding a conversation with him as I did so...

Late that night, I made my way back to the spare room to wrap, write and label the trove. This wasn't unusual or suspicious, as Saturday nights I always head into this room to lay out Baby E's clothes for church...and end up rearranging the shelves...and don't come back for quite a while.

I made the big boys smoothies in the milkshake cups of glory, cleaned up the kitchen, tucked my clothes for the next day in the bathroom...and headed to bed.

This morning Baby E and I arose verrrry early and got dressed. Well, cleaned a truckload of poo off of one of us...then got dressed. (See grown-up Baby E, I protected your dignity by euphemising it up.)

I cooked.

Baby E watched thoughtfully.

The apron was donned, the table laid.

The photo was taken.

The candle lit.

The Dad woken.

Happy first Father's Day...

...what an honour it is to share parenthood with you.
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